NO & Electric Guest @ The El Rey


Local Echo Park band with a brilliant EP release for free download found here. As one of my favorite local groups, I can’t wait to see how big these guys get in the next couple months. Many thanks to Bradley for having me at the show!

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of Montreal @ The Echoplex / Culture Collide

of Montreal
@ Culture Collide Festival, The Echoplex

proving why they are one of the best bands I know

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Patrick Wolf @ The Bootleg Theater

Patrick Wolf is celebrating 10 years of creating music and the release of Sundark and Riverlight. Being one of my favorite musicians, I was once again glad to take part in another memorable night. Here is to 10 more incredible years.

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Douglas and the Furs @ The Echo

It has been a long time coming for me to see this three piece group rock on a stage. I saw them play a few songs in their home studio back on New Years Eve, but then moved to Phoenix and had to watch from afar as they started booking show after show. So after months of waiting, I was pretty glad to see them play The Echo a few weeks back. I can’t say enough of these guys and the music they are making (regardless of personal bias). And though it may not fit in with my usual music genres, I have very little issue putting it on repeat.

Check them out and don’t miss the next show.

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