Off to a Start


This blog is an effort to make up for every half written journal, forgotten blog site, and abandoned leather bound book. I am optimistic about this one, but my realism reminds me not to get too enthusiastic. 

Summer. We have never been good friends, but I am trying this year.

After my second year of college came to an end, I drove up to Northern California with my friend Katie and started a three week class in Berkeley. Apart from reading five books a week, the class was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The college town is filled with smiling homeless regulars, environmental advocate students, intellectual coffee lovers, and marijuana loving hippies who are just now starting to wonder if they aren’t still in the 60s. Three weeks was not long enough to fully appreciate everything the place had to offer. 

It has been less than a week since Berkeley, I don’t have continual reading to keep me occupied and classmates to keep me entertained. I have returned to Phoenix to my incredibly low paying summer job, non paying internship, and accelerated third year online spanish class. 

Apart from reuniting with the local Starbucks, this past week I started work for Marcus Hoffman. I met Marcus last summer working for AZTeen Mag on a few of Teen’s shoots. It is going to be a great learning experience on my part and hopefully our projects together will be beneficial on every end. In the studio tuesday we worked with two of Ford’s newest models and made some great photos.





Family from Nebraska are coming in to town today and next week is filled with trips to Cottonwood, Grand Canyon, and Sedona. Photos and stories are sure to follow. 

Summer countdowns include: Public Enemies, 20th birthday, Owen’s visit to Phoenix, First Fridays, flight to London.

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