Work in the Morning

Last week was just one of those weeks that changes pretty much everything. It leaves you in the state of refocusing the mind and trying to fit all the pieces back together, which always takes longer than you want. If nothing works out in the end, it is good to know you tried your hardest.

Today was one of the rare days I haven’t had to work. I slept in and set a personal new record. Shopped around for a new camera bag and concluded they are all awful. I looked at backpacking backpacks only to be entirely confused by their overly complicated designs. Every scanner in the house refused to do its job of scanning, so all my photos remain unscanned. I made dinner for the family. Dunkin Donuts closes at 9:00, a sad discovery at 9:04. 

I think I am starting to get excited for London…maybe. Anxiety and guilt are still battling the excitement level. 

Harry Potter tomorrow night, also the reuniting of half of our high school class. 

Here are some photos from the weekend shoot that lasted too long. 



Reading has been absent from my life lately, so I need some good suggestions. I started a book picked up recently by infinitum nihil, but the initial vulgarities are making it hard to discover the dantean allegory.

3 thoughts on “Work in the Morning

  1. dear felicia,

    thank you friend you are sweet. these are just behind the scene shots, but it gives the basic idea of what we did all day.

    you can run ideas by me anytime, even internationally.

    guilt always follows money issues. you know, life.

  2. Kelsey

    I am charmed by this.
    I have said this to many people, but I am convinced you are the most talented photographer from Biola (IMHO–for I have only been there two years and I’m also convinced all the talented photogs are our age), but it shows, even here. & I am not blowing smoke.
    I wish London was not to swallow you so soon for I have a photo shoot idea I think you will enjoy. Perhaps when I return to AZ in the near future (especially now that I am aware that DD is out there), I will run my ideas by you, make sure they’re not stupid.
    Guilt over London? Por Qua mon petit dame? ce n’est pas bon? Please do not fret. live now.

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