Praha stole my heart

Throughout the earlier part of our journeys it was difficult to choose which city was my favorite; however, within the first hour of arriving in Prague it was clear which city would make the top of the list. Our fast paced touristing slowed down in Praha and we enjoyed ourselves, going to photo galleries, finding […]

venezia don’t sink

(I went out of order for some reason, sorry) Venice has long been on my list of places to visit before I die. I had always heard that it would soon sink and disappear similar to Atlantis and remain merely history and legend. However, I can now take a pen and draw a check mark […]

music streams from Vienna

Vienna was a short lived fast paced city we stopped through. Despite our train lags, lack of showers, and confusion- we were able to see another amazing European city. I concluded that the city is like a New York, just in Europe and with larger cathedrals and castles. We toured a castle, ate some torte, […]

florence, home of the cobblestone

Following three adventurous sweaty days in Rome, our clan of travelers got our backpacks on a train and headed for Florence. The city was a favorite from the moment we stepped off the train and once we got to the hostel we all took deep sighs of relief. We immediately discovered Florence is a small […]

let’s catch up

Hello long lost friend. My feet have finally landed in London. After years of longing and weeks of exploring, I have a place to call my own for a wonderful stretch of time. The pretrip was incredible and it is all still trying to process in my memory. My eyes have seen the corinthian capitals […]