i am not a robot.


This past week has been the peak. The peak of emotion, the feeling of belonging, knowing my place and loving it. Since the day of London Eye admiring, I have walked the streets and tents of Camden market. The market area is a perfect mixture of punk goths, vintage hipsters, tourist shopping, and hippie incense sellers. My goal the second time was capture the endless amount of faces in the crowds, but it seems that the weekends are the time to people watch. I will return, gladly.

After a full day spent in the market with Beth and MikeV, Beth and I entered into KOKO for a night of NME touring music. Local Natives (new music, new staches) followed our route from LA and brought good American music to the brits. Taylor Rice is a new love. Marina of Marina and the Diamonds brought my obsession with her music to a climax and her performance personality was fit for stage. Airplanes, Sun Hands, I am not a Robot, and Obsessions all in one night is enough to make anyone smile. I am loving seeing and being part of the london music shifting scene. (no photos/I have a great habit of getting my camera taken away).










Homework calls and gladly I am going to answer.

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