the mysteries, are true


The more time that passes the more I come to realize where I am.

I am in London.
the capital of England. a city full of nearly 200 decades of history. the home of David Bowie.
a city only hours away from Cambridge, Oxford, Canterbury, Ireland, Wales, Fleet Street…and Salisbury.

Stonehenge, the site on the list of nearly every sight seeing junkie tourist who enters the UK. After a bus ride, two tube tranfers, a train ride, and a tour bus journey our small group of rock lovers set eyes on the neolithic monument.






After a circling of the hill, making sure to see the stones from every angle possible, we once again took our seats on the overpriced tour bus for its return route through the Wiltshire county hills. Having noted the spire of the Salisbury Cathedral from nearly eight miles away (the tallest in Britain), we followed the road to its entrance.


Salisbury Cathedral


Cathedral Ceiling


The photog

Salisbury House

Today Beth and I walked through the Royal Gardens of London. golden hour at three thirty. roller blading dancers. the serpentine. old man hand feeding geese. golden leaf-covered walkways. tour guide golden retriever.

Hyde Park has made it on the list, right up there with Camden.


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