new week, new month, new season

it is now november.
only a month and a half left.
the christmas season has begun.
the air is turning to ice.

This past week has been the first time the feeling of being overwhelmed has made its presence known to me in London. The papers got written, the books read, the events happened, and the planning may or may not follow through.

christmas in a window

On tuesday night, the first christmas carol of the season entered my ears through the operatic voice of andrea bocelli and the holiday humming of hundreds of londoners along regent street. Rumours of a christmas lighting event led myself and five other holiday enthusiasts to regent street to take part in Colin Firth’s official ringing in of the season.


Colin Firth



Two days later…I was told to remember the fifth of November. (for all my beautiful americans, it was like the fourth of july, but freezing and everyone stood up)



camera phone

awestruck imitation



tomorrow I will officially be in Paris, a culmination of way too many years of dreaming.

au revoir, garder sourire.


One thought on “new week, new month, new season

  1. I am enchanted by the christmas cheer in these beautiful photos, i LOVE it.
    except for the fact that it’s november 15th.
    so, now i feel guilty.

    enjoy it for me :).

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