give it a few days

On tuesday night the group of incredibly weary tourists travelled back from Paris. Since then, I have been touring the parents around London, trying to get a few essays written, and slowly catching up on a loss of sleep.

Paris photos have been downloaded, but not touched.
They will be coming.
I promise.

in other news.
London has started it’s rain season.
now onto a month and a half of a wet and dark existence.

2 thoughts on “give it a few days

  1. Dear Tim,

    Thank you for that nice comment.

    I appreciate the encouragement.

    England misses you, I am sure of it.


  2. Kelsey,

    I have to say your ability to capture poignant and beautiful photographs is quite astounding. I’ve enjoyed so many of your photos tonight and it’s made me miss England quite measurably.

    Keep snapping + Blogging


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