train station encounter.

I failed to mention/prove at the end of the paris blog, the excitement that was Mika at the Paris train station. There have been too many times where someone I see will strangely remind me of Mika and I have gotten so used to convincing myself it couldn’t be him. But this time was different. I had to pass him four times, accidently bump into him in the station cafe, and eavesdrop on his band’s conversation to be convinced. So stupidly I approached him with my train ticket and pen in hand asking for him to sign. One guy in the band was impressed and said he expected me to come back again, Mika however signed like it was a daily occurrence, and then we proceeded to head back to London.

so there it is. my Mika signed ticket from Paris to London.

and might i add how hard it was to look at him with a straight face, when all that was going through my head was this video.

meeting Mika. now checked off the list.

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