taking pen to paper.

Tomorrow marks exactly one week until the london adventure comes to its close. Apart from the frantic stress of completing classes, London is continually offering more and more things to see and do. After the city visits of the past couple days, the must-see list is getting a bit shorter.

The following afternoon led Beth and I into the Tower of London (to see a 530 carat diamond), the streets of Shoreditch, the Barbican galleries, and with a few others finally saw a viewing of Where the Wild Things Are and touched the King’s Cross Platform 9 3/4.

Saturday was the day. The British Museum. Ancient Egyptian-Minoan-Assyrian-Greek-Roman. I can’t explain how many memories and pages of study flooded back into my mind, it was fantastic.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the Christmas season- with Danni’s cookie decorating and sugary homemade frosting bowls, then a Carol candlelight service at HTB.

So now for the next few days,
the fingers are hitting the keyboard relentlessly
in hopes of finishing early and getting a few more days
of exploration with Londontown.


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