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“Photography?…It’s just another paintbrush.”
– David Bailey

After a night of little sleep and a sad morning farewell, I ventured off to Somerset House to explore the SHOWstudio-Fashion Revolution exhibition. The exhibition is an interactive look at photography utilizing creative means and participatory efforts. Part of the exhibition is a live studio, where there is only a wall of glass separating the audience and the photography studio of Nick Knight. Nick’s current project is to shoot 100 portraits from september to december (ending next week) for I-D magazine.

The studio is set up for high fashion photography, shooting video, and a live web stream. I arrived an hour early, claimed my spot at eleven, left at eight. For eleven hours I sat and watched Nick Knight and his four assistants in the SHOWstudio shoot about 14 portraits (30-40 minute sessions). Besides the fact that I was entirely captivated by the studio and Nick’s production, I was able to meet two wonderful individuals, Patrick Wolf and Bishi who had sessions at different points of the day. [and if any of you know me, you can only imagine how excited i was].

Patrick’s Video Clip of the day can now be found here.

Patrick’s shoot (the one I waited all day for), not only drew the largest crowd of the day, but also made the audience smile the most. He walked out onto the set wearing nothing but a bed comforter and combat boots, in which he proceeded to roll around on the floor. This shoot was the first time I saw the photo team struggle to keep up- Patrick wouldn’t hold a pose for longer than .01 seconds, leaving Nick the only option of taking his medium format camera off the tripod and getting down on the floor along with him. Patrick had a hard time keeping a straight face, breaking out his bright wide smile too often to count (at one point he even broke out into song). It not only made for some priceless shots, but spread contagiously to everyone watching.

Bishi, second shoot of the day, made some beautiful images. When you wave around an enormous union jack gown, I suppose it is hard not to get an incredible shot. Anyway, she looked amazing and was incredibly sweet.

The group I saw: Cerith Wyn Evans, Bishi, Aitor Throup, Fergus Henderson, James Long, Hanna Hanra, Hussein Chalayan, Bella Freud, Susie Bubble, Bistrotheque, Val Garland, Lara Stone, Patrick Wolf, Simon Foxton. The have a continual live feed of the studio online and I would highly suggest taking a look.

I won’t get into too much detail, but this photo has been waiting to happen for six years now. After approaching him with most likely the largest smile my face could give, we started talking. Every photo taken was out of focus, but what can you expect from a staff member of world renown fashion photographer. We talked Palladium, London weather, LA gigs, Australia, Japan, sleep deprivation, Christmas…accountants. A parting hug was given and the shoot preparation began. Thanks Patrick.

Thursday- definitely made it on the list of top ten best days spent in Europe.
Four more days in the amazing city…let’s do it.


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    you are AMAZING.


    and I miss you.
    really, the depth of my bowels miss you (Shakespearean bowels, you know, the ones they equated with the heart? The ones that ACTUALLY meant love and lovelovelove? Those bowels.)

    <3 you are home home home soon.

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