weekend with the sister

My sister Morgan has for about a year now been asking me to do her senior photos and this weekend was the first installment of our phoenix photo fun. We stumbled across this amazing location in downtown phoenix, my camera once again experience the strength of the arizona sun, and we met a new friend. It is always fun to shoot someone who is used to your camera pointing in their direction and is really open to anything you suggest. The ashes ruined a few pairs of shoes, but I think the photos speak for a fun afternoon.

The next day Morgan brought her two closest friends for a short friends shoot. This may be my favorite from the afternoon.

5 thoughts on “weekend with the sister

  1. Kelsey, your pictures are simply beautiful !!! Everyone you took of Morgan is better than the next but tell her my vote goes to #6. That close up front shot of her……gorgeous !!!
    So enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Keep up the good work and the rest of your school time will fly by. Good to have been with you this summer and miss you all. Luv, Marilynn

  2. Thanks Mike. This was pure luck (walking by one day), or unfortunate circumstances (result of a bomber in an old hotel). Anyway, downtown is home to endless walls, alleys, and quirky deserted spots.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you.
    You have always been such an encouragement to me in anything I do, I appreciate you so much for that.
    I am definitely working towards the professional level and we will see where the camera and the Lord want me to go.
    That portfolio is my main priority this month, while I am off- it will feel good to see everything together.

  4. Okay, I’ve got to get through to you. You are SO amazingly talented and accomplished as a photographer. Your eye finds such beauty, texture, and interest to portray through the lens. You have a gift. You should send your portfolio to Anthropologie, Chico’s and other stores like these. I think you should move into the professional world.

    I am SO impressed and I think you should quit kidding around with your future and start submitting your portfolio.

    Seriously, Kelsey. Am I wrong? And I can say these things and you should listen to me because I am NOT your mother!!!


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