a new sort of life.

California has been home for sixteen days now. It seems like it has been about a year since I crossed the desert into the LA smog; however, here I am two and a half weeks later.

This semester is much like visiting your old highschool. Every encounter is a reunion, no one looks familiar, and any efforts to recreate the past is futile. That said, this next few months will be a new adventure and a new opportunity to adjust. A new sort of life awaits me this time around.

Despite the little amount of motivation, lack of employment, and feeling of disconnect; many blessings have been added to my life.

I have wonderful roommates and a fantastic little home to call my own. For the first time, I have the means to drive while at school: Vincent is cause of a new elevated sense of freedom. I have been able to reunite with Hollywood and LA in the past week with two great nights filled with fantastic music and people. An impromptu night at the House of Blues with girls who have been much missed. Last night the El Rey was filled with the psychedelic and remarkable talent of Annie Clark. My goals may not be the same as I when I left ten months ago; however, I hope to make exploration of the city that is just a traffic jam away a new goal.

future plans…beach.


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