the day i met johnny depp

So, I realize that this blog is mainly for the work my camera produces and the stories that accompany them. However, some days are just too extraordinary to exclude.

Friday, February 19.

I called my friend Michelle determined to get out and enjoy LA, the city I live in, but hardly know. After rattling off many options, begging passerby’s for money to get into Disneyland, becoming cultural in chinatown, frolicking in the ocean water…I suggested Hollywood Blvd. I grabbed some lunch, stole my friends brown hat, because it reminded me of Johnny Depp, and waited for Michelle to get ready. An hour later we were on the metro public transport on our way to Hollywoodland for an afternoon of adventure.

We ended up going the wrong way once off the metro, finding a great local coffee shop, walking around in vintage shops, and stopping into Urban before actually heading the right direction to Hollywood Blvd. We walked about .7 miles to our destination following a bus with an advertising for Alice in Wonderland, plastered with the face of the Mad Hatter. I commented, and we followed. We walked past the star of Johnny Depp, I sighed and we snapped a shot.

Once we arrived at our tourist street, we spent about twenty minutes with street performers and realized we were probably done. I suggested, since we had no time constraints, we spend some time with the concrete square of Johnny Depp outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

While sitting and watching the crowds of tourists flash their cameras, I bemoaned to Michelle how Alice in Wonderland was only doing a London premiere. I went on and on about how my hopes of every seeing Johnny Depp were ruined. I commented on how I need to return to London, if not for anything else, than to finally see the face of Johnny and fulfill my life goal. Sighing angrily, I left his concrete slab and we headed back to the metro station to go find some dinner.

Amidst the huge crowds of people, that seemed strangely all dressed in alice in wonderland costumes, a woman handing out stickers caught my eye. She handed me a sticker with the face of the Mad Hatter and asked if I knew about the event taking place less that twenty feet away. I answered no and asked her to explain. She coldly answered, “the whole cast is here for a free event tonight”. I think I might have screamed for a second and then we just ran. Finally the crowds and costumes made sense, and within five minutes we were planting in front of a stage, smiling so hard it hurt.

Two hours later (after having to endure the awful music and screaming teenage girl fans of 3oh3, Metro Station, and Never Shout Never) Tim Burton was on stage introducing his entire cast, including the man I have loved, desired, and admired since I can remember. Anyway, there he was, I saw him, I snapped a photo with my two year old camera phone (because the day I would see Johnny Depp, would be the day I decided not to bring my camera).

but if you squint maybe you can make out his head.

Anyway, the live taping Myspace/Hot Topic/ Fan event came to an end and the crowds filled out. The VIP passers went to get their autographs, the purple wrist-banded people went upstairs to Hot Topic to meet Mia, the blue and white wristbands crossed the street for a premiere of some clips from the movie in the El Capitan. We, wristband-less skipped away on an emotional high (at least I know I was), and considered our options. We snapped a dark and blurry camera phone photo of me with Johnny Depp’s wax figure and decided we could head back home and still make it to a prior engagement we had.

However, less than two seconds later I turned around to a man handing out free blue wristbands. We grabbed two and ran to the line outside of El Capitan for a two-week early premiere of the entire film (a passing rumour along the line). Well, it was. The whole movie in 3-D (a film I have been awaiting since senior year of high school), thanks to Johnny and Tim. After an introduction by Tim and Johnny blowing the crowd (aka me) a kiss, the film began. Before I knew it, it was over, and the night that was entirely unexpected came to its close. Suggestion: go buy a ticket to see this movie, it was incredible (in every way)!

The day was not only littered with irony, surprises, the completion of life goals, but also a memorable friday spent with a great friend. I went home, after a 1am Denny’s dinner, hung up my free poster, and dreamt the craziest wonderland-filled dreams.

weekend goal: find a new life goal.

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