letting the camera snap

This past weekend was full of miscellaneous reasons to pull out my camera. I am learning to love our little studio closet at school and loving the community that can be had inside it’s enclosed quarters. I wanted to share with you all a few little teasers of what happened through the lens of my camera.

I had the chance and honor to photograph a great group of people, The Fragrance. We wandered around Fullerton and then pulled off on the side of the road to explore a shaded side of a grassy hill. Besides being wonderful people to work with, they are also a fantastic group of musicians. Check them out and if you can, go out and support them on their upcoming tour!

After a morning test shoot with my fellow photojournalist Josh Watson, we set up a quick portrait session.

Josh and I are working on a piece for the school magazine, which for now, I will fail to share the details. We did a series of three images (this is one of them). The idea was inspired by the my fascination with the possibility of reflections and my enchantment to the work of Socrates Mitsios. This is a preliminary edit of what the final piece will look like. Weird, I know (the other shots are much stranger, I assure you).

This weekend, I get to road-trip back home. It is always around this time in the semester that I start to yearn a bit of Arizona sun and Renaissance Festival cheer. Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day-Eve.


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