arizona, home of the renaissance

Every year, the past comes to life and the costumes are brought out of the closet.
The Arizona Renaissance Festival is one of my favorite places in the world, explaining why I roadtrip home every March to enter into the old english fairgrounds.

This year I thought it wouldn’t happen, the best friend is temporarily moved to London, and I had no plans to drive home; but it all came together again. So myself, the sister, the cousin, and the adopted one road-tripped out to middle-of-nowhere, AZ for a day spent in the dust.

It is hard to explain why I love this annual event so much, but I guess it is just a combination of everything about it. Dehydration, jesters, royal processionals, comedic jugglers, black boots turned brown with dust, sunburnt skin, jousting to the death, leather shops, fiddle payers, and the friends that help make the memories.

And here is the wonderful London Broil Show, the three jugglers who make my mouth smile with laughter, over and over again. It was the fourth consecutive year of the family photo and I can’t wait for the fifth.

See you all next year. March, 2011.


5 thoughts on “arizona, home of the renaissance

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  2. Wonderful pictures. It’s sad really that I live just outside of the middle-of-nowhere, Arizona and yet I never seem to make it to the Faire. Perhaps next year.

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