the minerva sisters

Meet Lindsey & Natalie. These two beautiful sisters are both graduating together in May, I love that idea. We drove into Fullerton and walked down alleys, through courtyards, and then pranced through the grassy hills. Lindsey, a fellow photographer, has been a wonderful friend to me over these past few years. We first met while sitting next to eachother on a 5am roadtrip to Vegas and our friendship grew wonderfully since. Although she can’t wait to move on from college life, I am not quite ready to see my apartment-mate go. This was the first time Natalie and I ever spoke, I am so glad she broke her shell and let me see her crazy. I love seeing these two girls interact and being with them reminds me how blessed I am to have sisters of my own. They are truly a contagious pair. My favorite part of this whole shoot was how easy they were able to make eachother smile and laugh. I am so glad I was able to be part of one many MInerva sister bonding days.

My own sister is graduating high school in a few weeks and then heading off to the boonies of Australia, off to live her own dreams of adventure. I can’t wait to see her move on from SCA and take on the world like I always knew she would. However, summer will be quiet and not quite the same. Change is good and I will just wait in anticipation of her crazy stories and my kangaroo present when she returns.

This past week has been a full and fast seven days, with Point Magazine deadlines approaching, an emersion into the mind of John Locke, and being reminded that I need to find an internship within a few weeks. Today a guest arrives at the nest apartment and Sunday will be full of renaissance fest round II.


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