the long awaited trip

Venice Beach is one of those places that warms the heart. I have been wanting to visit these sandy shores and quirky people since freshman year and it finally happened. It is a beach town unlike any other beach town, a fantastic combination of Hollywood, Huntington Beach, and Berkeley.

I have realized lately that I love to be fascinated, if something doesn’t fascinate me, I don’t bother. Venice Beach fascinates me and I am sure I could spend a lifetime in observation of its people, scene, and environment. I was accompanied by my adventurizing friend Rachelle, who was also my beautiful senior subject of the day. Her photos will be up very soon. So, here is Venice, my new favorite place to call home in southern California.

Here was my favorite part of Venice- this man right here. A rollerblading turban wearing rocking guitarist. Rachelle can attest to the excitement I experienced whenever I heard him coming.


3 thoughts on “the long awaited trip

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  2. dude! can’t believe this was your first time to venice beach! wonderful place indeed! full of wonderful people. and fun drum circles. but then again, i’ve never been to Salton Sea/Salvation mountain….which is weird…seeing as how i’m an art major and thats just what we do. lol

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