Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse

I am convinced that one of the best things about Phoenix are the shows. Phoenix has really been expanding culturally in the past five years and I love coming home to be part of it. After seeing many shows in LA, San Francisco, and London; Phoenix is still at the top of my list. In LA you get unbelievable energy, in San Fransisco there is deep passion for the cause of music, and in London it is a lifestyle. In Phoenix, there is something so serene and simple about every show. Although enthusiasm and crowd response seems entirely missing, the Phoenix crowd instead offers a quiet but powerful joy and respect in their presence.

The Blitzen Trapper show was no different. The six man band from Portland, Oregon made their appearance on the Clubhouse’s stage, performing a beautiful set. As a live performance this band lived up to my every expectation, from their well known vocal harmonies to the perfect forested sound effects. The audience clearly admired everything about this band, following every move and breath of lead singer Eric Earley. I was surprised when someone in the crowd requested an encore song so old that even the band was taken aback.

So, overall a fantastic summer night.


One thought on “Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse

  1. Girl. So g-lous you got to see them and photograph! You are amazing as always :)

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