my new yearly tradition.

Yes, I know.

This is quite literally my first blog post in way too many months. My photo/blog post queue is very much overwhelming, so get prepared for a flood of posts coming soon. Christmas break will very soon be upon me, and for the first time since August I will have time to catch up and show you my past few months.

But…in the meantime.
Why not break the awkward blog silence by showing you my unbelievable day!

Last year I was in London, but today London came to me.

This. is. Patrick Wolf everyone.

Almost exactly a year ago, I met Patrick Wolf at Nick Knight’s ShowSTUDIO in London. This year, Patrick traveled from London to the beaches of Santa Monica to shoot his music video for the The City, a song to be released in March of next year.

And I don’t think many people can say they have been on the set of their favorite musician, so when I heard he was shooting in Santa Monica there was no option but to go. Not only rare, but I think it says a lot about Patrick, who was so kind as to let a few fans take part in his day of shooting.

From the morning piano solo on the beach to the water splashing at sunset, this video is going to look fantastic. It is definitely something entirely unlike what he has done in the past, which Patrick assured was his reasoning. The song titled “The City” has a video on the beach in nature- a fantastic and purposeful tension.

What I love about Patrick is his growth and evolution as an artist (which over the past eight years he certainly has shown), and today I was able to experience part of yet another beautiful transformation first hand. Speaking of the new album, Patrick said it will be pure and an innocent look at love. Which, in contrast to The Bachelor will be quite a shift in theme.

Patrick channeled his inner Chet Baker/ James Dean…and with the saxophone jazz player and the white t-shirt and jeans, I think he made it happen wonderfully. Baker has always been one of Patrick’s inspirations, but he said this was the first time he tried to make that evident in his music. The song has a great jazz element to it, a new and very fitting sound for Patrick. And for never seeing Patrick ever in jeans, and rarely long pants, the James Dean allusion made perfect sense.

The album will be released in March of next year, but until then, check out and enjoy the newest single release of Time of My Life.

a beautiful beautiful day.

let’s make this our yearly tradition.


4 thoughts on “my new yearly tradition.

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  4. OH KELSEYHENG I am so happy for you and sort of sad I didn’t join in. BUT, if I had gone with you , I wouldn’t have discovered that all the elements for my project tomorrow were dispersed on several computers (win for me. [I’m being sarcastic and serious at the same time]).

    I am VERY happy for you, lady.

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