Photo Documentary

During the month of November I delved into a photo documentary project on the subject of Addiction. The project proposal led me to the doors of Union Rescue Mission where I was able to spend over 100 hours volunteering, interviewing, and meeting some remarkable people. Next semester I am equally blessed with the opportunity to continue work at URM, this time as an intern.

The process was something entirely new for me and had many challenges, emotionally and professionally. In the end I couldn’t explain how blessed I felt to have been able to commit my time to telling the stories I did. Each person opened up to me in a way I was not expecting and I can only hope that their stories reach out to those who will hear and learn.

The project ended up being two-parts and is now on display at Biola University.

Broken|Blessed is the compilation of seven individual stories of people part of Union Rescue Mission.

Ad-dic-tion is a series of images and words that help to further the question of personal addiction.

I kept a blog along the way, with weekly updates on progress and thoughts.

There are only four of the seven stories uploaded currently, the rest will be coming soon.


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