Italians: fashion and pets.

(the old men of Orvieto, Italy= undeniably adorable.) This was my discovery while in Italy again: Italy is beautiful, and so are its people. Normally, I just people watch, but while on this trip I made the effort to capture what I saw with my camera and in turn share my perspective with others. best […]

pieces of italy

It has been a while since my winter trip in Italy. But, truly it seems like that two week immersion into Roman history and culture was just yesterday. Coming off the plane, I jumped immediately back into work and haven’t stopped much since. Which is really just how I am. But, Italy has been on […]

Bring out the lights.

Last weekend, friend and fantastic photographer Mike Villa hosted his very own lighting workshop. He showed us around studio portraiture, in his own style. We all pooled equipment together and spent the day going over lighting, both indoor and outdoor. I realized I miss the studio and working with light stands and softboxes and yes, […]