Italians: fashion and pets.

(the old men of Orvieto, Italy= undeniably adorable.)

This was my discovery while in Italy again: Italy is beautiful, and so are its people. Normally, I just people watch, but while on this trip I made the effort to capture what I saw with my camera and in turn share my perspective with others.

best part: italian old men, european dogs, and purple pants.

yes, this man was walking his wolf in front of the Pantheon.

this man told us the story of his little dog, Shell, named after the gas station where he found him abandoned.

The Scottish guards, privileged with the duty to protect and guard the Pope.

Overlooking the sun set on Rome from the top of St. Peters.

when the Pope waves….the cameras come out.

ready for the Pope?

they were.

the man himself, Pope Benedict XVI.

followed up by “the greatest man in Rome”. he was my Italian version of the dos equis “most interesting man in the world” man. can you see it?

until next time Italy…

5 thoughts on “Italians: fashion and pets.

  1. Kelsey, you are incredible. I adore these photos! I love that you actually got to see the Pope that close, and that you captured the people of Italy beautifully. You are going places lady.

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