friday, saturday, everyday

Weekends are the best. It is just the honest truth.
And I have had some really good ones lately.
But, this past one was pretty stellar too.

To start off, my work was shown in a Long Beach art show Saturday night. As part of the Long Beach Art Walk, the Creative Design Lab gathered work from the community that portrayed “spiritual truths through artistic expression”. I was so happy to have my Addiction photos be part of their gallery and to share the images and message with a wider audience.

Saturday afternoon, Beth, Abby, and Kyle invited me to join them for lunch on the roof of the Standard Hotel. Basically, I love this place and LA actually felt great for once. I went on from there to find a great little vintage shop and a new coffee house, appropriately named Coffee House.

I have been putting together a list of things to do in LA before I leave, The Standard was one of them. Check.

And while in Long beach, Maegan and I visited Roscoe’s to cross of eating chicken and waffles from the list. I was nervous, but I did survive.

Oh, and that is Abby (visitor from Boston) and lover of bunnies.

Check and check.


2 thoughts on “friday, saturday, everyday

  1. Yes! I was in Italy for about two weeks for a class, but then returned for the Spring semester of school. I will be in LA working until I graduate in May.

    It would be great to visit again!

  2. Kelsey,

    Your pictures are fantastic!!!!!!! I have to ask about LA. You are obviously back from overseas. Fill me in on what’s happening now? When do you graduate?

    Sure would be great to see you all again!



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