Night @ The Bardot: We Are Scientists, Polock

We Are Scientists is an amazing band from New York made up of Keith Murray and Chris Cain. I have loved these guys since the release of With Love and Squalor in 2006 and have been wanting to see the Scientists live for such a long time.

Without a doubt, their short set was more than a great show. They played a mix of songs off their last three albums, hitting all the best. Event though their music doesn’t show their humor, the stage energy and comments to the audience reminded everyone that they are undeniably hilarious.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to their music, or even better yet watch their entire youtube channel.

It seems like The Bardot is an amazing hidden secret in LA. Every Monday night KCRW with Chris Douridas hosts a free entry show, with DJ sets and headlining bands. I was able to see Peter, Bjorn, and John earlier this year, where they played their entire new album, start to finish. So when I saw We Are Scientists were coming to LA and visiting The Bardot, no questions were asked.

The Chick Lit video is to this day the source of really the best and longest inside joke between my sister and I. Love it.

Before the scientists took to the stage, Polock, a new band from Spain showed off their soon-to-be hits.

So, Keith and Chris, thanks for the night.

Sarah and Carrie, thank you for joining me.

And everyone else, next week it looks like Elijah Wood will be a featured DJ. See you all there.


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