Lifestyle// Venice Beach

Yesterday my roommate Felicia and I traveled to Venice Beach for the afternoon. I figured due to the nature of the day (420), that Venice Beach would be full of activity and sights to see. Honestly, after seeing news slideshows in past years of festivals, parades, and general celebratory chaos, Venice was calm and relatively normal. I briefly documented some standout people, but mostly Venice was operating as usual, tourists, skaters, and even some familiar faces of people undergoing homelessness.

Although the day wasn’t as we had imagined it to be, I adore the spirit of Venice Beach and to spend the day in the ocean breeze makes for a wonderful afternoon with a good friend. Also, I officially miss Berkeley (Venice has the effect on me), it is going to be hard not to return to that wonderful city this summer.

next time you nap, don’t forget your pillow.

the beautiful roommate and co-adventurer

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Spring Break, and a week enjoying beautiful Seattle with great friends in good weather.


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