Hello Seattle

I did it!
I have officially seen and fallen in love with Seattle.

The last six days, my travel friend extraordinaire Beth and I soaked in the rain and sunshine of Seattle. The trip revolved around getting to know Seattle as best we could, but also spending time with my good high-school friend Monika and former roommate Lindsey. Let me tell you, seeing all four of us together was the combining of worlds into one.

The first day in Seattle, the sun was out and so was the entire population of the city. I can now say I was sunburned in Seattle, which may not come as too much of a surprise. The next day, however, was more typical, cold rain and gray clouds, I loved it. No, but really, give me a hood and I could live happily in the rainy and gray.

Seattle, thank you. For so many good meals, too may cups of coffee, your great bus system, all of your vintage shops, the perfect bookshops, and all the new memories with amazing friends.

Overall, Seattle is everything people had said it would be. Let’s just hope our paths one day cross again.

the making of Stumptown coffee.

Pike Place, the first stop on everybody’s list.

gum wall? seriously, the grossest thing.

the old curiosity shop. complete with armadillo and four headed cats.

our picnic at Gas Works Park watching the sunset on our first day in the city.

did I mention Seattle has great food?

the world’s best pie. maple blueberry from High 5 Pie.

followed by the world’s best ice cream from Molly Moon’s. strawberry balsamic! an invention of the gods.

oh. and coffee?

exploring the public library downtown, who knew libraries could be designed so brilliantly.

one of my new favorite buildings, the Seattle Center: Experience Music Project

i am a fan of adventurizing with this one.

until next time…


One thought on “Hello Seattle

  1. Hi Kelsey! What fun to be in Seattle! Aunt Marilynn and Uncle Ken are here in Jefferson with us and Glen, Cindy, and crew are coming over today for a day on the lake! Would be way more fun if all of you were here with us for a repeat!!! We miss you!

    Your photography always ceases to amaze me!! You are too good, girl! I can say I knew you when???



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