Monika & Grant // Save the Date

On May 13, I kept my lips sealed tight with a secret and drove home quickly to Phoenix. I was going to witness and photograph Grant’s proposal to Monika. And let me tell you, I learned that it is hard to hold a camera still when watching your best friend get engaged! I was so grateful to Grant for including me in the moment and that he made sure she had no idea it was going to happen. Many tears, much laughter, and one ridiculously shiny ring later – my best friend is getting married to her perfect man.

I have known Monika since high school, and as long as I have known her, I have known about Grant. Basically, they have been together since I can remember, and now I couldn’t be happier for them as they move closer and closer to the big day. It is because of that “big day” that we went downtown last week for a [Save the Date] session. We not only celebrated the fact that a wedding date has been set, but that two truly incredible people are in love.

Dear best friend, you are beautiful!

This makes me laugh so hard, you are both ridiculous.

There is just something about these two and hiding in trees.

We finished up the session in MacAlpine’s fantastic vintage store/ soda fountain.

The official Save the Date invites will be coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Monika & Grant // Save the Date

  1. OH my gosh, I looooooove these. I love the really silly ones, but I especially love the one of them kissing in the soda store! <3 <3 <3

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