Patrick Wolf Night II // Concert @ Hollywood Forever

After Patrick Wolf’s Tuesday night’s performance, I immediately bought a ticket to the next night. I couldn’t pass up a chance to see more of Wolf’s brilliance on the stage.

Calpernia Addams, the opening act for both night’s, graced the stage much more comfortably and opened the set with a beautiful violin arrangement of “Amazing Grace”. I loved hearing her religious pieces and soft auto harp tunes fill the masonic lodge venue.

The second show was an entirely different feel for Patrick, as he smoothly and quietly played a completely new set of songs. He revealed to the audience that he had prepared over 35 acoustic altered songs for the tour, not wanting any show to be similar. To me, that is a musician who deserves respect and appreciation.

Most surprising to hear on Wednesday night was “Childcatcher”, which is very rarely performed as I always understood the reasoning behind. However, he appeased the requests of the crowds and delved into songs that I am sure he wouldn’t have otherwise wished to have return to.

I reviewed both shows at Hollywood Forever for 138 Collective. Go read the review here.

Patrick, please return to us (me) soon.


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