Active Child // Concerts @ The Echo

Last night I visited The Echo once again to see this man perform and realized I never shared these images. After seeing Active Child during their month-long residency in August, I literally couldn’t listen to anything else. And the more you listen to it, the better and better it gets. After a week of the album on repeat, I returned to see the last residency show the end of August and see them off on their album tour. Last night, the band returned home to L.A. and to The Echo and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to see him again.

Pat Grossi is a musician who is an unbelievable harpist and a former boys choir vocalist with a shocking tenor vocal range. His music causes you to get lost in the song’s emotions and your own. I can’t help but dream to hear him perform in a cathedral someday, but then again, that may just be too incredible. Thankfully Pat is an L.A. based musician, because seeing him three times just hasn’t been enough.

Do yourself a favor and go buy the album now (go vinyl for this one).

If you haven’t bought the album, this video should convince you.


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