YACHT @ The Echo

*Warning: this post is long overdue*

When you shoot a lot of concerts, there are a lot of forgettable nights but there are also those few performances that just can’t seem to forget. YACHT‘s show at The Echo was one of those nights. It was the second time I had fallen in love with the duo, after seeing them at FYF Festival earlier that year. Even now, I can’t stop listening to their album Shangri-La (if you haven’t listened to it, please do).

As a concert photographer, when I love the music and the stage performance, I tend to also love the images shot. I love music performers, you know the kind that don’t just sit there and just sing a set list of songs, but the people who really perform and prove that not only they love their music but so should you. With YACHT, I find nothing left wanting each time they take to a stage. I think the fact that these are photos that even after four months I find myself still loving, just goes to show how good this band is.

I was covering the show for the now sadly departed 138 Collective, which can still be found here.

Los Angeles, I miss you daily.


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