The Polyphonic Spree @ Crescent Ballroom

So, originally I was tired after shooting senior photos all afternoon and decided against bringing my camera into the show for this one. But, one look at the confetti canons on either side of the Crescent Ballroom stage and I knew I would regret that decision.

This Dallas, Texas choral pop group has the ability and purpose to inject listeners with happiness and a strange desire to wear white choir robes. Behold the cult of The Polyphonic Spree.


3 thoughts on “The Polyphonic Spree @ Crescent Ballroom

  1. Harmony, the settings of the camera will change depending on the shot and area of the stage I am shooting. I was using a flash bouncing at an angle from the back of the room. ISO was most likely on 3200. The photos with movement would have been on a slower shutter probably 1/25 or less. I was using three lenses, sigma 50 1.4, tamron 28-75 2.8, and canon 135 2.0.

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