New York City// Travel

Hello again! I seem to be unintentionally doing monthly photo updates…so here it is as promised, New York City. I can’t explain how much I love visiting a city to explore the streets, the people, and the culture all while capturing it all. The challenge and fun of a big city is finding the small […]

#OccupyWallStreet // Photojournalism

Last week I visited the great New York City and couldn’t leave without stopping by Zuccotti Park and witnessing the origin of the Occupy movement. What I thought would be a quick visit, turned into a whole afternoon spent taking in everything happening in the small public square. I talked to many individuals who had […]

Italians: fashion and pets.

(the old men of Orvieto, Italy= undeniably adorable.) This was my discovery while in Italy again: Italy is beautiful, and so are its people. Normally, I just people watch, but while on this trip I made the effort to capture what I saw with my camera and in turn share my perspective with others. best […]

pieces of italy

It has been a while since my winter trip in Italy. But, truly it seems like that two week immersion into Roman history and culture was just yesterday. Coming off the plane, I jumped immediately back into work and haven’t stopped much since. Which is really just how I am. But, Italy has been on […]