Douglas and the Furs @ The Echo

It has been a long time coming for me to see this three piece group rock on a stage. I saw them play a few songs in their home studio back on New Years Eve, but then moved to Phoenix and had to watch from afar as they started booking show after show. So after […]

The Head and The Heart @ Crescent Ballroom

Believe me when I say, this is a band to love. And keep on loving. I first remember really listening to The Head and The Heart when visiting a friend in Seattle thanks to her love for their album- and I think it is a fitting memory considering they call the city their home. Since […]

the long awaited trip

Venice Beach is one of those places that warms the heart. I have been wanting to visit these sandy shores and quirky people since freshman year and it finally happened. It is a beach town unlike any other beach town, a fantastic combination of Hollywood, Huntington Beach, and Berkeley. I have realized lately that I […]