Douglas and the Furs @ The Echo

It has been a long time coming for me to see this three piece group rock on a stage. I saw them play a few songs in their home studio back on New Years Eve, but then moved to Phoenix and had to watch from afar as they started booking show after show. So after […]

YACHT @ The Echo

*Warning: this post is long overdue* When you shoot a lot of concerts, there are a lot of forgettable nights but there are also those few performances that just can’t seem to forget. YACHT‘s show at The Echo was one of those nights. It was the second time I had fallen in love with the […]

Active Child // Concerts @ The Echo

Last night I visited The Echo once again to see this man perform and realized I never shared these images. After seeing Active Child during their month-long residency in August, I literally couldn’t listen to anything else. And the more you listen to it, the better and better it gets. After a week of the […]

Patrick Wolf, A New Man // Concert @ Hollywood Forever

PATRICK WOLF @ Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge on Tuesday, September 13. It is incredible to think that I have been following and listening to Patrick Wolf for eight years now. But perhaps even more surprising, is to think how much I have changed since first listening to his music, alongside how he too has evolved […]