Douglas and the Furs @ The Echo

It has been a long time coming for me to see this three piece group rock on a stage. I saw them play a few songs in their home studio back on New Years Eve, but then moved to Phoenix and had to watch from afar as they started booking show after show. So after […]

YΔCHT @ Crescent Ballroom

You know that thing when the concert photographer is singing along every word at a concert. Yea, me neither. But that was totally me at the Crescent Ballroom on Thursday night. YACHT has been consistently one of my favorite bands since their release of Shangri-La and seeing how they masterfully perform live last fall at […]

Wedding// Mackenzie & Anna for a New Years Eve in Shafter

Hello 2012 and hello February. When did that all happen? I have so many posts to catch you all up on and in time they will surface, I promise. To start off the new year blogging, I am happy to show the wedding of good friend Mackenzie and his beautiful new wife Anna. Mackenzie was […]